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Our Purpose

Sideshift globally connects organisations, communities and people from all walks of life to create better well-being, sustainability, success and happiness.

Our Mission

Sideshift is the only social opportunity platform that connects people globally to provide them with the insights, tools and resources to create a happy, healthy, sustainable and successful life, community, organisation – and planet.  


We connect people online to cross-pollinate ideas and spread effective solutions from around the world. We then build local communities to share this wisdom and enable positive change, bottom up. 


Solutions to our individual, local and global challenges are already out there. Sideshift is open to everyone – people, communities and organisations – to share and learn from each other’s challenges and success stories.


Change starts with ourselves. We just need to identify the right solutions, adjust and take small, achievable next steps. We can then create the lives, communities, organisations and the planet we love. 


Great solutions spread like wildfire. Together we will evolve and solve the biggest social and environmental challenges of our time. Turning crisis into opportunity. Sideshift is the catalyst that ignites that spark.

Our Promise

We help to create a better world by connecting people, organisations and communities with effective solutions

Our funding comes solely from our members: No ads, sponsors, paid articles or data-selling

We use our membership revenue to create a robust offering of solutions, shared online and through local communities

We offer insights, tools and solutions that are easy to understand and follow

We are approachable and will always listen to your challenges

You will be able to help shape our direction and the insights we prepare for you


Learn why you should join the global Sideshift community, how you will benefit as a member and how it all works.

Meet the team

We are a global team, brought together by the passionate belief that together we can shift perspective and solve all our environmental and social challenges  creating the world we want to live in.