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Why join Sideshift? 


 with likeminded people, organisations and communities


from each other’s solutions for individual, local and global challenges 


 a local and global community for positive change 


together to solve the biggest social and environmental challenges of our time 

How our members benefit

Our members are people from all walks of life, communities and different kinds of organisations. Let’s explore in a bit more detail, who they are and how they benefit from joining Sideshift:

As individuals...

We share and discuss how we can create better well-being in our own life and for our family. But also, how we can contribute to solve social and environmental challenges on a local and global level. Together we create the world we want to see and live in.

As businesses...

We connect to collaborate more effectively, learn how to create more engaging and fulfilling workplaces, reduce our environmental impact and find out how to live our purpose and give back to society. But we are also part of the Sideshift community to find and engage with business partners, investors, suppliers or customers that share our values.

As communities...

We discuss how we can create and transform into more liveable and sustainable cities, towns or villages. We re-connect the people living next to each other to engage and re-create real community. Together with the Sideshift community we create the foundations to adapt and implement local solutions from global best practice.

As universities...

We use all the online resources for learning and researching global best practice. But we also share the findings of our own research so that everyone can understand its meaning and potential implications.

As charities or NGOs...

We raise awareness for local and global issues, connect with a passionate global community and use the insights from other parts of the world to identify solutions for our own membership base.

How does it work?

Sideshift globally connects people, communities and organisations to cross-pollinate ideas and reduce silos in our thinking and acting. 

We collect and discuss effective solutions focusing on better well-being, sustainability, success and happiness.

On our Sideshift online platform we provide actionable insights in the form of interviews, live discussions, presentations, blueprints, toolkits, articles, news and much more. 

We help our global community to connect online to discuss challenges and learn from each other’s success stories.

We build local communities to discuss local challenges and identify, create and implement local solutions, leveraging global best practice.