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 with likeminded people, organisations and communities


from each other’s solutions for individual, local and global challenges 


 a local and global community for positive change 


together to solve the biggest social and environmental challenges of our time 

What we do

We globally connect individuals, communities and organisations to collaborate and cross-pollinate ideas. Reducing silos in our thinking and acting.
We collect, discuss and share effective solutions, focusing on better well-being, success and sustainability.
We provide actionable insights in the form of interviews, videos, personal stories, live events, webinars, presentations, blueprints, toolkits, articles, news and much more. 
We build local hubs and communities to discuss local challenges and identify, create and implement local solutions, leveraging global best practice.

We invest half of our membership income to improve and run our platform. We contribute the other half to power environmental and social impact projects in our communities.

How our members benefit

Our members are people from all walks of life, communities and different kinds of organisations.


  • Hear other people’s stories
  • Gain a new perspective
  • Get inspired – find solutions
  • Use easy-to-follow guides and videos to make changes in your life
  • Create better well-being for your life, work and family
  • Be part of a local and global community
  • Meet likeminded people
  • Find projects and work you are passionate about
  • Get involved: Give your time and skills to help solve local and global challenges
  • Be the change
  • Share your own stories and ideas


  • Learn from other organisations
  • Find new ideas and innovative solutions
  • Gain a new perspective
  • Get easy to use tools, blueprints and methodologies
  • Understand latest trends and what they mean for your business
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Give back to society
  • Identify and communicate your purpose
  • Create more engaging and fulfilling workplaces
  • Learn how to build an effective organisation
  • Transform your business for the 21st century
  • Upskill and empower your employees
  • Connect and collaborate with likeminded organisations
  • Find and engage with business partners, investors, suppliers and customers that share your values
  • Share your own story and solutions


  • Learn from others
  • Find new ideas and solutions
  • Create better well-being for your community
  • Re-connect people and re-create real community
  • Learn how to run and fund projects and events
  • Create and transform into more liveable cities, towns or villages
  • Adapt and implement local solutions from global best practice
  • Learn about leadership
  • Connect with other communities around the world
  • Meet likeminded people and organisations
  • Find members and volunteers
  • Get involved – help solve local and global challenges
  • Share your own stories
  • Inspire others and get heard

Learning and research institutions:

  • Learn from and research global best practices
  • Understand current and future trends
  • Track and share latest research and innovation
  • Connect and collaborate with other organisations and experts
  • Present and showcase your own insights, activities and research
  • Attract interest for your own institution’s offering
  • Find resources for easy use in your courses, lectures or presentations
  • Utilise videos and interviews with world experts discussing hot topics for your classroom
  • Gain access for your students to provide additional benefits beyond your core offering
  • Spread your own solutions and reach a broader audience

How it works

  1. Sign up and join our community
  2. Explore the resources and insights on our online platform. Check out some free content here.
  3. Get inspired, take action
  4. Take part in our online and offline events
  5. Connect and engage with the community
  6. Share your own stories and solutions
  7. Contribute your time and skills to help build Sideshift locally and globally
  8. See the positive change for your life, your community and our planet