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With like-minded people and organisations


From each other’s solutions to individual, local and global challenges


A local and global community for positive change


Together to solve the biggest social and environmental challenges of our time

How our members benefit

Our members are people from all walks of life, communities and different kinds of organisations.

Universities, learning & research organisations:

Track and share the latest research, use our videos and expert talks for their lectures. Identify new partners and collaborators, build their brand and create student engagement.

Businesses and corporations:

Gain insight into new trends and best practice, learn from case studies, upskill employees
and build loyalty. Find tailored expertise and project partners.

Entrepreneurs, innovators & startups:

Raise awareness of products and services, identify target markets, find new solutions to common challenges. Build a network of potential customers, partners and investors.


Identify investment opportunities while researching the latest ideas, trends and innovations.

Consultants, authors & coaches:

Showcase their expertise and raise their profile. Use our insights and resources for clients, partner with Sideshift to market products and services.

Networks, hubs & NGOs:

Raise awareness of projects, research trends and innovation. Create and curate valuable
content for their members, attract new volunteers and funding.

…and people:

Get inspiration from a global and local community of like-minded people. They share their own ideas, find work that they are passionate about, learn how to live a sustainable, successful and happy life.

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