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About Paul

Chairman, B1G1

  • Renowned business leader and mentor
  • Travels the world educating business leaders about B1G1
  • Excels in helping businesses improve their operations
  • Expert in building up those around him
If you could invite 1 person to a dinner party – who would it be and why?
Jacinda Arden — extraordinary leader
What motivates you? Makes you happy?
Doing all I can to learn more/cuddling my wife
What advice would you give your 10-year-old self?
Remember we all are one, add value to others in every moment and have fun doing it.
If you could make 1 global change – what would it be?
Perhaps surprisingly, I’d get countries to model Singapore.
What are your Top 3 achievements?
Creating some extraordinary companies
Co-creating B1G1: Business for Good
Continuing to live actively this long
What does sustainability mean for you?
It’s the only way I can leave a legacy that lasts
What was the most important event/influence that changed your perspective?
Meeting my wife