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About Adam

Writer, TEDxSpeaker, Trainer & Consultant

  • Founder and Managing Director, Gravitee
  • He helps businesses attract, engage and retain a modern workforce
  • He is a speaker & writer on the new world of work
  • Programme Director, TEDxFolkestone, responsible for all operational aspects
  • Trainer & commentator of Millennial Employees, helping businesses understand and adapt to their growing millennial workforce
If you could invite 1 person to a dinner party – who would it be and why?
Jacque Fresco – he sadly passed away in May 2017, but was a futurist and social engineer responsible for the Venus Project. He dedicated his life to developing sustainable cities, energy efficiency, natural-resource management, automation and technology.
What motivates you? Makes you happy?
Solving problems, especially if it helps solve major, real-world issues. I also love helping people achieve their potential, as I believe everyone has the ability to be great at something given the right help and support.
What advice would you give your 10-year-old self?
It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is, with the right attitude, hardwork and curiousity, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to and make a positive impact on the world!
If you could make 1 global change – what would it be?
For all businesses to exist for the benefit of people and humanity as a whole, rather than just for profit and the benefits of shareholders.
What are your Top 3 achievements?
1. Doing a TEDx Talk in 2017 on Rethinking Work for the Modern World
2. Quitting the corporate world and setting up my own company so I could help businesses change to be more people focussed and successful as a result
3. Appearing on BBC1 as an expert panellist talking about the gig economy and if it benefits or exploits young people
What does sustainability mean for you?
Put simply: Inputs = Outputs. A truly sustainable system is one where the amount taken is the same as what is put back in whilst still being able to generate value e.g. you chop down 10 trees to create paper and plant 10 in their place.
What was the most important event/influence that changed your perspective?
I have 2:
1. At the age of 23 I was selected to be part of the Marketing Academy, which chooses “30 of the UK’s best young marketing leaders” to be part of a year-long personal development programme. Here I received Career and Life Coaching, in addition to Mentoring from some of the country’s top business leaders.
2. Although slightly clichéd, it was when I became an uncle to 3 nieces. Seeing the innocence of youth, their unbridled curiosity and the way they look at the world without the baggage of life is so refreshing and reminds me of the need to make the world better for future generations.