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Jarvis Smith

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Jarvis Smith

Founder and CEO, My Green Pod


About the interview

  • The ways we consume has a big impact on our planet, damaging our air, water and soil
  • How to make more conscious lifestyle, consumption and food choices
  • 5 easy lifestyle changes to improve the health of yourself, your family and the planet
  • How everyone has the power to efffect positive change in businesses and communities
  • What we must focus on to build better organisations
  • Learn how you can be the change


About Jarvis

Founder and CEO, My Green Pod

  • Founder and CEO of My Green Pod, the largest ethical lifestyle magazine in the UK with 6m+ readers

  • Supplement in the Guardian print edition and online at

  • Founder of UK's leading sustainability awards, the P.E.A. Awards

  • Long-term partnership with some of the world's leading ethical companies

  • Reached No. 1 in the Global Reverberation reggae charts with his band 'The Phoenix Rose'

  • Focuses on inspiring the masses to live more consciously and environmentally friendly


If you could invite 1 person to a dinner party – who would it be and why?
Bob Marley - I would love to know what were the spiritual teachings behind his message and how much he felt he actually achieved anything in his lifetime and up to the present.
What motivates you? Makes you happy?
My family are my main motivation. I have the most wonderful wife and two young daughters aged 11 and 3.
Second comes a general observation of how people are around me and how they have changed to become more aware of living consciously and ethically.
What advice would you give your 10-year-old self?
Your life will evolve perfectly, live it as if you only have that day to live, and never be scared of anything.
If you could make 1 global change – what would it be?
For everyone on the planet to stop simultaneously and consider how we are chosen to live and relate to each other and the earth itself.
What are your Top 3 achievements?
Becoming a signed recording artist and releasing and Album
Launching National Geographic Green in the UK
Owning the worlds largest independant ethical lifestyle magazine
What does sustainability mean for you?
It means being aware enough to consider your actions and how they will effect others and the environment making sound honest decisions that support contributing positively to the whole.
What was the most important event/influence that changed your perspective?
Having children
Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Sustainability is the side show, the big movement is about Unity - about every human on the planet remembering who they are and why they came here at this time.

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