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Shifting Perspectives – Redefining Sustainability


26 Sept – 6 Oct 2019 - NEW INSIGHTS EVERY DAY








Learn how to create and balance well-being for yourself, your family, community, organisation and our planet

What You Will Learn

We will show you how to:


Balance and transform your life, community and organisation


Bring in line well-being, success and sustainability


Deal with your own problems and those of your community and organisation


Play an important part in solving social and environmental challenges on a local or global level


Take effective actions from today that have a real impact


Connect with change-makers from around the world to collaborate and share your own solutions

Shift Your Perspective

Learn from 50+ of the world’s most inspiring and successful change-makers, thought leaders, authors and experts.

Free for everyone. No need to travel – everything online and multimedia. That’s great for your budget. And the environment.

Save The Date: 26 Sep – 6 Oct 2019

Sideshift Online Summit ‘Shifting Perspectives – Redefining Sustainability’

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What you will learn

You don’t need to be an eco-warrior to save the world. You can make small changes in your life that will really make a difference! 

Each of the 50+ sessions will focus on clear next steps like…


How to find passion and purpose for your life and business


Successful strategies to transform your organisation and create sustainable growth


How you will become an effective and respected leader


Compelling ideas to fund your sustainable business or project


How to communicate to get the results you want


Effective ways to build and engage strong and active communities


How to leverage and leapfrog existing technology for a better future


Best ways to create low cost, low carbon and resilient energy and transport


How to eliminate waste completely


Finding, empowering, engaging and retaining the right employees


How to explore, experience and travel the world in a sustainable way


Easy lifestyle changes for your health and our planet


How to plan and transform our cities with people and environment in mind


Creative ways to reconnect with nature every day


How you can learn something important from everyone you meet


Gain clarity of what you REALLY want to live a happy, healthy, sustainable and successful life

Why We All Need a Sideshift

This summit will teach you how to make a difference. For your life. Your family. Your community. Your organisation. And our planet.

Our global challenges, the climate crisis, food and plastic waste, species extinction or inequality seem overwhelming and too big to solve.

But the solutions are already out there. We just need to find them. Take a step to the side. And change our perspective. Reach out to like-minded people. Tear down the silos. In all our thinking, our organisations and between countries.

In each of the 50+ expert sessions we will break down the big challenges into easy to manage chunks. Focusing on one aspect at a time but showing you how they are all connected.

We must not wait for others to solve our problems. Every single person must take responsibility and act. You are the one you have been waiting for. Many small steps lead to big changes.

Take the first step. Attend our summit. And learn how you can have a real impact.

Online from 26 Sep to 6 Oct 2019

The speakers

50+ thought leaders from 5 continents and all walks of life will tell their stories. Challenging your perspective of what sustainability means. Showing different ways to lead and balance happy, healthy, sustainable and successful lives, communities and organisations.

The goal is to break up silo-thinking. Showing effective solutions to our most pressing challenges. Demonstrating how everyone can take responsibility to trigger positive change. Providing a step-by-step guide for immediate action.

Jarvis Smith

Founder & CEO, My Green Pod

Natalie Fee

Author, Speaker, & Founder, City to Sea

Bonnie Wan

Speaker & Author, The Life Brief

Raj Sisodia

Professor, Co-Founder & Chair Emeritus, Conscious Capitalism

Darius Reznek

Partner & Designer, karres+brands

Tom Szaky

CEO, TerraCycle and Loop

Jasmine Crowe

Founder & CEO, Goodr

Tessa Clarke

Co-Founder and CEO, Olio

Francisco Benedito

CEO & Co-Founder, Climate Blockchain Initiatives

Derreck Kayongo

Founder, Global Soap Project; CNN Hero; Speaker

Dr Jemma Green

Co-Founder & Chairman, Power Ledger

Mac Macartney

Speaker, Writer and Change-Maker

Sepehr Mousavi

Chair Advisory Group, Sustainable Cities and Communities

Abby Frimpong

CEO, Duuple

Aslak de Silva

CEO, Nordic Business Forum

Paul Musembwa

CEO & Founder, WARP Developments

Bob Chapman

CEO, Barry-Wehmiller, Founder, Truly Human Leadership, Author

Nilima Bhat

Speaker & Co-Author, Shakti Leadership

Brendan Kane

Growth Strategist, Speaker & Author

Afdhel Aziz

Speaker & Author, Good Is the New Cool

Per Thau

World Traveller & Former CEO

Fiona Buckland

Leadership & Life Coach

The Wallace Family

Full time world travellers

Paul Dunn

Chairman, B1G1

Paul Dickinson

Executive Chair, CDP

Daniela Venturini

Psychotherapist & Author

Charles Eisenstein

Author and speaker

Johannes Cullberg

CEO & Founder, Paradiset

Mia Kleregård

Futurist and Speaker

Mary Henderson

Founder, Personal Branding

Tensie Whelan

Director, NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business

Jacques Marais

Founder, eCALA Life and IPMS Global

Phillip Ullmann

Chief Energiser, Cordant Group

Kristian Anderson

Leading Coordinator and Founder, LunchIn

Jimmy Östholm

Founder, Velosophy

Julian Reisz

Co-Founder, Brave Business

Mary McGrath

CEO, FoodCycle

American University Students

MSc Sustainability Management

Zac Williams

Co-Founder & Director, GradTouch

Trisha Stezzi

Founder & CEO, Significance

Steve Pipe

Founder, Accountants Changing the World

Nina Borgström

Yoga Teacher & Director, White Arkitekter

Rune & Fabian Kalf-Hansen

Co-Founders, Kalf&Hansen

Sofie Haag

Founder & Director, From Sweden Productions

Evan Achiron

Co-Founder, Luke’s Toy Factory

Rene Schneider

Managing Director, Cosaris

Jenn Graham

CEO & Founder, Civic Dinners

Jeff Lalich

Global Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) and Sustainability Manager, Bird; Former Tesla

Nigel Berman

Founder, School of the Wild

Loretta Breuning

Founder, Inner Mammal Institute

Jon Bostock/Alex Reed

Co-Founders, Truman’s


Adam Henderson

Writer, TEDx Speaker, Trainer and Consultant

Marie Teike with Eva Nyberg-Ag

Founder, REMAKE by Stockholm City Mission

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Sideshift Online Summit
‘Shifting Perspectives – Redefining Sustainability’

26 Sep – 6 Oct 2019

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