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American University Students

In-depth research on business and sustainability topics

Four student teams of the 2018/19 programme undertook in-depth research on the following sustainability topics:

  • Business and Stustainability (business models, circular economy, employee engagement, etc.)
  • Energy, Transportation and Environment (energy storage, renewable energy, mobility systems, etc.)
  • Finance and Funding (green bonds, institutional investment, crypto currencies, etc.)
  • Innovation and Technology (AI, big data, blockchain, IoT, etc.)

During seven interviews the students share case studies, best practice and their key findings.


Sneak peek: 

How can AI help us to become more sustainable

About the American University Students

MSc Sustainability Management

  • Master's program in Sustainability Management
  • Interdisciplinary course to specialise in business, science or policy
  • Action-oriented business-based curriculum, producing the first generation of business-minded sustainability professionals
  • Designing and implementing comprehensive solutions to environmental, societal and economic problems

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