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Online Summit 2019

Shifting Perspectives – Redefining Sustainability

Welcome to day #1:

Global Challenges

Our society faces countless, seemingly insurmountable challenges: climate change, poverty, hunger, social inequality, increasing global health issues… For the first of our eleven themed days, twelve of our speakers will touch on these topics as they begin to explore how we might shift our perspectives.

Charles Eisenstein and Mac Macartney lead the charge to understanding our own role within these global issues. Elsewhere, Sepehr Mousavi and Paul Dickinson focus on the wide picture – climate change and social problems.

As the day unfolds, we will start to realise: Most solutions to our challenges could be already out there. We just don’t see them. Is it because we focus too much on the big challenges for which there are no immediate solutions? Or that we try to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause?

Fact is, we need to move away from outdated values, business models and systems of thinking. Adopting a new, holistic approach to tackling our global challenges.

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Charles Eisenstein

The story of seperation

Mac Macartney

The challenges we face, and the individual’s role in solving them

Paul Dickinson

Climate Change: Its impacts, what we can do and what’s holding us back

Sepehr Mousavi

What caused the current social and environmental problems

Rene Schneider

Shifting perspectives: Our challenges and why we don’t see the solutions

Jarvis Smith

Recognising human impact on the environment

Yasir Khattak

Finance, innovation and new technologies for long term sustainable investment in developed and developing countries

Paul Musembwa

The financial sector plays a larger role in solving sustainability challenges

Sofie Haag

The global solutions we need already exist, thanks to creativity and innovation

Paul Dunn

Never a time like this: challenges and opportunities

Mary McGrath

The problem of food poverty

Bonnie Wan

Tiny shift and tiny actions to ignite global change

Raj Sisodia

The way people and businesses will heal the world

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