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Online Summit 2019

Shifting Perspectives – Redefining Sustainability

Welcome to day #10!

The Bigger Picture: Redefining Sustainability

Over the last nine days, we have raised issues ranging from food waste to mental health, from technology to leadership. We learned that sustainability is much more than just fighting climate change. Because people are waking up all around the world, asking similar questions, like ‘What do we want?’ or ‘What is the world we want to create?’ – our global challenges now can be turned into massive opportunities. If we get it right. It is now the time to redefine what sustainability really means.

Derreck Kayongo and Tom Szaky start out with giving our sustainability challenges a new perspective and bigger meaning. Darius Reznek and Charles Eisenstein follow with our need to reconnect what has been separated. Afdehl Aziz urges us to go beyond ‘corporate social responsibility’ as it is such a low bar. And Trisha Stezzi tells us to redefine not only sustainability but also success at the same time.

To change one thing, we must change everything. We must change our values, the way we interact, collaborate and do business, the way we learn from each other. It is not sustainable to think, live and work in silos and repeatedly reinvent the wheel. And most important: Change needs to build bottom up. Not top down. As governments and large corporations are merely popularity contests. Doing what we collectively ask them to do.

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Derreck Kayongo

A Global Perspective on the Meaning of Sustainability

Tom Szaky

The power of the economic vote

Darius Reznek

The benefits of reconnecting what has been seperated

Charles Eisenstein

Sustainability, Reconnect and change values

Afdhel Aziz

Moving beyond Corporate Social Responsibility

Trisha Stezzi

Redefining success: fulfilment rather than superficial ratios

Mac Macartney

Relating the three questions to sustainability

Juanita Mahecha

Sustainable transportation and mobility in our cities

Evan Achiron

Sustainability Is A Journey

Paul Dickinson

Reimagine Economics

Fiona Buckland

Sustain by creating strong teams and handling stress

Nilima Bhat

East Plus West Sustainability and The Planet as a Body

Natalie Fee

What Sustainability Means to Natalie Fee, Founder, City to Sea

Mary Henderson

Defining sustainability with a personal branding lense

Aslak de Silva

The individual’s role in maintaining and improving the environment

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