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Shifting Perspectives – Redefining Sustainability

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Waste and Consumption: From food to fossil fuels

Humans have become incredibly wasteful. In the UK alone, about £20 billion worth of food is thrown away every year. Likewise, 18 million tonnes of other waste are sent to landfill. Beyond that, we also waste huge amounts of energy and natural resources on a global scale. The question is, why? And how can we change this? 

Today, 11 of our 60 speakers tackle the issues of waste and consumption. We start with Tom Szaky, who discusses the true meaning of ‘waste’ and explains the one reason behind all our environmental challenges. Tensie Whelan shows the commercial costs of waste. Or better, the benefits of sustainability. In addition, Jon Bostock and Alex Reed discuss the inspiration behind their cleaning-product company Truman’s. And Marie Teike and Eva Nyberg-Ag, of Stockholm’s Remake, discuss the wider problems with overconsumption and overproduction in the textiles industry.  

Covering a wide range of disciplines, our speakers gravitate to one central conclusion: Each of us is just as responsible for waste as our neighbour. We all must start to take personal responsibility. And re-think the way we produce and consume.

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Tom Szaky

Our addiction to disposability

Jon Bostock & Alex Reed

Solving world problems by solving a human problem

Tensie Whelan

Commercial benefits of sustainability

Tessa Clarke

The four most effective ways to eliminate food waste in the household

Marie Teike with Eva Nyberg-Ag

Combatting overconsumption and overproduction

Jessica Chapman

Circular economy and Patagonia’s leadership role to transform an industry

Mary McGrath

The role manufactures and retailers play in food education

Jasmine Crowe

Hunger isn’t a scarcity issue, it’s a logistics issue

Rune & Fabian Kalf-Hansen

The fast-food problem

Derreck Kayongo

Global Soap Project’s impact is measurable in many forms, including inspiration

Evan Achiron

How a toy recall spurred a sustainable solution

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