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Shifting Perspectives – Redefining Sustainability

Welcome to day #3!

Community: Reconnect locally, spread globally

Our communities are becoming ever more isolated and disconnected. We live in a global society but have forgotten how to live with our neighbours, not just amongst them. On this third day, our speakers explore the ways in which communities might reconnect locally, before spreading this ideology to the global stage.  

A top-class line-up of 14 out of our 60 speakers will re-shape our thinking today: Darius Reznek reveals how a new generation of architects are creating sustainable urban ecosystems. Where nature, people and businesses are brought closer together to re-connect. Jenn Graham and Mary McGrath touch on the power of food and community meals to connect people and solutions. Adam Henderson explores the ways in which business and community might intersect, allowing for shared workspaces and ideas. Mary Henderson and Mia Kleregard demonstrate how, in today’s challenging times, local communities could provide inspiration, creativity, answers and the strength we need to tackle our challenges. Jemma Green details how connected communities will be at the forefront of solving our energy crisis. 

We must realise that only together we can overcome our biggest challenges. For that, we first have to understand and reconnect with each other locally. Then spread ideas and solutions on a global scale.

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Darius Reznek

Creating sustainable urban ecosystems

Mary McGrath

The power of a community meal

Jenn Graham

What is Civic Dinners and why is it so important to bring people together again?

Adam Henderson

How do communities benefit from business decentralization?

Mary Henderson

How can ‘micro-tribes’ tackle the world’s sustainability challenges?

Mia Kleregard

Finding security, meaning and strength within your local community

Sofie Haag

Inner Connection & the Arts

Jemma Green

The role of communities and individuals in making the change to renewable energy

Kristian Andersson

Changing the world through networking

Aslak de Silva

Family, community, business and well-being

Brendan Kane

Building successful social campaigns

Bob Chapman

The profound impact of work culture on home life

Jeff Lalich

As Cities Grow, Transportation Must Evolve

Tessa Clarke

What can communities do to reduce their food waste?

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