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Shifting Perspectives – Redefining Sustainability

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Trends and technology: From blockchain to urban farming

Technology is now an indispensable part of our lives. And yet many of us are failing to use it in the right way.We must understand that whilst it has its place, we should be responsible and considerate in implementing it where it makes sense. Because technology alone cannot save us. We must recognise, technology is a double-edged sword – good or bad simply depend on how we use it. 

Today, 13 out of our 60 speakers explore the ways technology is being used to generate real, social change. And can provide some of the solutions for our environmental, social and economic challenges.  

Jemma Green, co-founder of Power Ledger, reveals how blockchain technology is allowing everyone to freely trade electricity among themselves, whilst Darius Reznek explores how modern technology and design can create more liveable cities. Nina Borgström and Paul Musembwa focus on the wider picture: How technology is changing our lives, and how we might develop an awareness and ways to use it in the right way.  

We must learn, as a global society, that technology is merely a means to an end, not a magical solution.

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Jemma Green

Power Ledger and Blockchain: Challenges and possible solutions for our energy markets

Darius Reznek

How can design create more liveable cities

Paul Musembwa

Leveraging technology to solve sustainability challenges

Nina Borgstrom

How can we create an awareness of how technology is changing our behaviour, business and society

Abby Frimpong

A Quick, Fun Way to Create Digital Experiences

Francisco Benedito

What you should know about democratising climate change

Jasmine Crowe

Goodr’s blockchain approach to transparency in fod donations

Tessa Clarke

From farm to digital: how a digital food waste revolution began

Brendan Kane

Reach AND engage a million people in hours

Jeff Lalich

The evolution of clean transportation

Sepehr Mousavi

How can cities contribute to more sustainable societies (Urbanisation: Problem or solution?)

Jon Bostock & Alex Reed

The solution to the cluttered cleaning category

Rune & Fabian Kalf-Hansen

The future of the fast-food industry: Changing menus and mindsets

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