Online Summit 2019

Shifting Perspectives – Redefining Sustainability

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21st Century Companies: Changing Business Paradigms

On our second day, we came to the simple conclusion: All our environmental challenges have one main reason: Consumption. Equally, much of the inequality in the world is due to our outdated business practices and economic models. So, to find answers to our biggest challenges, we must also ask the following question: Why and how do we do business in the future? 

On this, our most extensive day yet, 20 of our speakers strive to find an answer, and outline their vision for the future of business. Tensie Whelan sets the scene with the ‘Next Phase of Capitalism’. Which means going back to its origins: Solving problems and creating opportunities. Bob Chapman then argues that businesses need no justification to care for people. Afdhel Aziz, Philip Ullmann and Adam Henderson widen the scope to explore how business culture is changing, what we must do to help new ideas to grow and how we will all benefit from a more modern way of working.  

All coming from very different backgrounds, industries and countries, they share a common theme: The days of ‘business as usual’ are over. We must transform our organisations into forces for positive change. Creating new values. And new opportunities for our society and planet to thrive.

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Tensie Whelan

Next phase of Capitalism: Running business with a stakeholder model rather than a shareholder model

Bob Chapman

‘Caring for people’ needs NO Business justification, yet the justification is clearly there

Afdhel Aziz

It’s not enough anymore for brands to be just cool

Philip Ullmann

What is needed to change business

Adam Henderson

How can a business benefit from employee engagement and modern way of working

Jon Bostock & Alex Reed

How to successfully cause a shift in the marketplace

Steve Pipe

Turning our businesses into forces for good

Julian Reisz

Aligning sustainability with your business

Sepehr Mousavi

Case Study Plantagon – Learning from an innovation that failed

Zac Williams

Employer Branding – How to get the people you need

Raj Sisodia

Conscious capitalism, a modern framework for business

Evan Achiron

The power of startups to shift whole industries

Paul Dunn

The power of small

Jimmy Ostholm

How businesses can support the less fortunate in the society

Johannes Cullberg

From finance to changing customer behavior: Overcoming the early challenges of a disruptive business

Francisco Benedito

Learn all about how to secure funding and guidance for your innovation

Rune & Fabian Kalf-Hansen

The business model meant to revolutionize the fast-food industry

Nigel Berman

Personal and business benefits of nature-based experiences

Paul Dickinson

The energy formula that saves the world while making money

Jenn Graham

How organisations can build more authentic relationships with customers and employees and have real positive impact

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