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Shifting Perspectives – Redefining Sustainability

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Leadership: Creating a new generation of change-makers

In our world today, we find ourselves constantly searching for leaders, for someone who will swoop in with solutions to all the problems we face. At Sideshift, we are committed to deconstructing the myth of the saviour figure. We need to leave behind the belief that a leader – or anybody else – must know all the answers. Instead we must focus on the importance of personal empowerment.

In our ten featured videos today, Aslak de Silva reveals how Nordic Business Forum is training a new generation of students to be effective leaders, whilst Fiona Buckland and Bob Chapman broaden the net, and discuss the wider models and systems of thinking around leadership.

All our speakers circle back to one salient point: If we are to solve our local and global challenges, then we all need to become leaders.

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Aslak de Silva

Nordic Business Forum, and training students to be exceptional leaders

Bob Chapman

‘Truly Human Leadership’ – A Proven Model for Creating & Sustaining Fulfillment at Work

Fiona Buckland

Awareness of challenges and responsibilities as a leader

Mia Kleregard

How can I become a better leader (Everyone is a leader)

Jacques Marais

How to close the gap between decision making and acting

Zac Williams

Accepting your own limitations as a leader

Nilima Bhat

The Model and Five Elements of Shakti Leadership

Raj Sisodia

Why Businesses Should Stop Hurting People and Start Becoming Healing Organizations

Per Thau

How travel makes you a better leader

Mary Henderson

Tying personal purpose into personal branding

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