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Shifting Perspectives – Redefining Sustainability

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Lifestyle, personal development and well-being

It is very easy today to forget to take care of ourselves. Life moves at such a fast pace that well-being, physical and mental health and personal development are often put aside in favour of business decisions or just making a living. But how can we lead a healthy, happy and fulfilled life? And how can we best prepare ourselves and our children?

Yesterday, we investigated the importance for everyone to become a leader. Of making our own decisions and taking responsibility for our life. Our 13 speakers today, will build on these conclusions, showing that it is us who must make the decisions for ourselves.

Nina Borgstrom and Adam Henderson focus on the impact of the commercial world on our well-being and how we can build and balance success in life and business. Loretta Breuning talks about the medical ‘disease model of happiness’ and how wrong expectations of happiness and quick fixes lead to increased unhappiness. Mia Kleregard and the Wallace Family discuss the importance of life-long learning and how to decide what it actually is that you need to learn.

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Nina Borgstrom

How to promote our well-being and build a successful life and business

Adam Henderson

How to love and enjoy work

Loretta Breuning

How to stimulate my happy brain chemicals in a sustainable way

Bonnie Wan

What are the nuggets of truth to create the life that you want

Mia Kleregard

Don’t expect being put into boxes – find your passion

The Wallace Family

De-schooling yourself and your children and learning what’s really important to you

Jarvis Smith

Take back control – be conscious of your food choices

Daniela Venturini

The trend of unnatural birth and the problems for child, mother and society

Sofie Haag

Arts Take You Beyond the Ego, Into Vulnerability, Empathy, and Real Solutions

Nigel Berman

Three Easy Ways To Start Adding More Nature Into Your Life

Nilima Bhat

How One Slight Shift in Consciousness Creates Harmonious Flow

Jeff Lalich

A Simple Way to Start Greening Your Daily Transportation Choices

Johannes Cullberg

The key to a healthier life: Keep food simple

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