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Shifting Perspectives – Redefining Sustainability

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What Do We Want? Desire, Meaning and Purpose

Over the last few days, we discussed how we must take responsibility for our communities, businesses and our own lives. That we must not wait for others to solve our challenges. What is left, are the biggest questions of all: What kind of world do we want to create? What is truly, irrevocably important to us? What role do we believe we should play in the world? These are questions that most people have never truly asked themselves. But without them, we cannot define sustainability.  

Mac Macartney starts with three inspirational questions each of us must ask ourselves to guide us on the way. Coming from different angles, Afdhel Aziz, Fiona Buckland and Loretta Breuning all build on these themes to ruminate on how we can find purpose and decide what is really important. And the Wallace Family decided they had to become fulltime world travellers to find their own answers. 

Our speakers, as diverse as they are, all agree: We must find purpose and meaning within ourselves, our communities and our organisations – for if we do not truly know the answers to the question ‘What do we want?’, we can never hope to find solutions to our challenges.

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Mac Macartney

What Do We Want?

Afdhel Aziz

Finding purpose as an individual

Fiona Buckland

Setting boundaries to lead sustainably and define what is important

Loretta Breuning

Why does my life feel like a treadmill

The Wallace Family

Would you leave everything behind to travel the world?

Charles Eisenstein

What world do we want to create?

Nicole Phillips

Patagonia, employee engagement, and why companies today need a strong mission statement

Raj Sisodia

The Precise Location of ‘Purpose’ and the Beginning of the ‘Conscious Capitalism Movement’

Trisha Stezzi

Finding purpose, fulfillment and success: What lights you up?

Bonnie Wan

Can you have it all?

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