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Shifting Perspectives – Redefining Sustainability

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Shifting Perspectives: Personal Stories

At Sideshift, we are committed to redefining the terms of our conversations and changing people’s perspectives. Our aim is to build a platform where people connect, share their stories and help others to learn from different solutions. Therefore, our focus today is the life-changing experiences that our speakers have shared with us. In promoting these inspirational stories, we hope to encourage others to not only share their own experiences, but to go out and find life-defining moments of their own.

Among the thirteen stories shared today are: Paul Dunn’s meeting with a survivor of the 2004 tsunami; Jarvis Smith’s quest of getting everything he needs from a landfill site; Per Thau’s experiences from a year spent travelling the world, and Bob Chapman’s road to launching ‘Truly Human Leadership’ to name but a few.

Now it’s your turn: Join our discussion today. Please share your own story and how they changed your perspective in the comments below. Or let us know, who would be the perfect candidate for our next interview.

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Paul Dunn

Tsunamis and Masami Sato

Jarvis Smith

On a mission to change lifestyles

Per Thau

The Thau’s year-long tour

Bob Chapman

The Three Epiphanies That Launched ‘Truly Human Leadership’

Derreck Kayongo

We All Have Enough Power to Make Change

Natalie Fee

Recognizing the Consequences of the Plastic From Your Home

Marie Teike with Eva Nyberg-Ag

Eva’s story, and the culture at REMAKE

Steve Pipe

Life-changing experience in Silicon Valley

Phillip Ullmann

What changed my perspective

Nigel Berman

How the School of the Wild Came About

Kristian Andersson

Evolving together through networking

Bonnie Wan

What is The Life Brief and how it helps you to find out what really matters in your life

Abby Frimpong

Use a Challenge to Become an Agent of Change

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