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Francisco Benedito

Leveraging and financing disruptive technologies – How to democratise climate action

  • Why is financing disruptive technologies so important to tackle climate change? What are the obstacles?
  • How can innovators of disruptive technology secure funding and guidance? What are the alternatives to the traditional banking system?
  • Learn when and how to approach an incubator
  • Explaining blockchain, crypto currencies and how these technologies can help solve the climate challenge
  • Democratisation of climate change: individuals & carbon markets


Sneak peek: 

It’s that easy for everyone to support meaningful climate projects

About Francisco 

CEO & Co-Founder, Climate Blockchain Initiatives

  • Co-Founder of Climatetrade Platform and Climatecoin, a new innovative crypto currency to fight climate change
  • Top 100 SDG Influencer
  • An entrepreneur from very young age, founder of several tech start-ups and a banker for over 15 years
  • Passionate about business and technology, in particualar disruptive technologies like blockchain and their potential to fight climate change
If you could invite 1 person to a dinner party – who would it be and why?
Leonardo Di Caprio. It's a reference in Climate Change and I love what he is doing with his foundation in the different social problems.
What motivates you? Makes you happy?
I am very curious and I like to work in things that can disrupt something established. I love business and I always see the niches and how to make them better. Therefore I get very motivated when I am in a project like the one I am now that could help save the world and so I could be working for weeks, months without doing other things. My family (my little child and my wife) makes me the happiest person in the world.
What advice would you give your 10-year-old self?
Be patient and live more in the present. Don't take everything so seriously.
If you could make 1 global change – what would it be?
I would change politics one to one for CEOs of big companies. We could change the world for the better.
What are your Top 3 achievements?
My wife, my child and Climatecoin business
What does sustainability mean for you?
It means restore the current damage made and learn from what we have done wrong in order to change our mindset and be able to conservate our Planet.
What was the most important event/influence that changed your perspective?
My years in BBVA Bank where I got most of my experience in finance and investments. Also my father who was very persistent with me to give me focus on the important things to succeed in life (hard work, perseverance, resiliency).

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