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Paul Dickinson

How to Fix Climate Change, Make Money and Save the World

  • Paul provides insights into the history and status of climate change.
  • He makes a clear case for why climate change is a massive business opportunity – or opportunity cost for everyone.
  • He explains why growth (measure by GDP) and climate change solutions can increase simultaneously, and why the two things should be de-cuppled.
  • You’ll see the multiple reasons why thousands of the biggests companies and cities self-report their sustainability data to CDP annually.


Sneak peek: 

GDP Growth & Climate Action

About Paul

Executive Chair, CDP

  • Paul Dickinson founded CDP in 2000 with an ambition of creating a global economic system that operates within sustainable environmental boundaries and prevents dangerous climate change.
  • CDP holds the largest collection globally of self-reported climate change, water and forest-risk data - and makes it available publicly.
  • CDP uses the authority of over 800 investors with assets of US$87 trillion (more than the GDP of the world) to persuade over 7,000 companies to report annually on key metrics of sustainability. 700 cities also report.
  • Paul has been working on climate change full time for twenty years.

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